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Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday Gift©

Monday, May 3, 2010 34
A Promise to Remember

I couldn't possibly write
All these songs 
Without you
To give me the inspiration.

And because it's your birthday
I want it to be special today
May I give you fifteen songs
As my present?

I wish that even I
Couldn't sing well...
You'll still get the message
That I'm deeply inlove with you.

All these came out from a heart
A heart that only desires for you
You are the one
Who inspire my creativity.

All these came out from a mind,
A mind that's full of memory
That's immersed with all the beauty
Of your love..

Don't Need To Say©

Dark Tide, The
You want me to promise you
That I will love only you,
But I, I don't need to
Because my heart is always with you.

You want me to say it's you
And that I'll be forever for you
But I, I don't need to
'Coz truly I was born for you.

Sometimes, it's better to be silent
And not to express one's feelings
It's enough that I sit by your side
Or hold tight your tiny hands
They speak a lot than the words
You want me to say...

Words that you want me to say...

Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday, April 30, 2010 4
Valleys Of Neptune

For a long time
I wanna fall in love
To someone who will
Fall in love with me...

But for many years
Of constant searching
My dreams seemed in vain
Before you came...

So you know now
How glad I am
To fin'lly found someone
Who likes the things I like
And can speak out
What's in my heart and mind...
(You're my soulmate...)
Everyday of my life...

You are really the one
Sadly this time, 
You are not free.

But I know now, 
Deep inside your heart
Your only desire
Is to be with me... 

We Could Still Be Together©

Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
Thanks for the precious moments
You've spent with me.
In you, I've experienced
How to be loved selflessly.

I pray that one of these days
We'll meet again as today.
Treasure me as I treasure you...
Hope someday, somehow, somewhere
We could still be together.

How happy, I am with you
You're such a great friend
In you, I've discovered
The woman I've longed for years. 

I pray that one of these days
We'll have each other as today.
Promise me before you go
That someday, somehow, somewhere
We could still be together.

Here We Go Again©

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Vintage)

Here we go again
"Leaving each other for a purpose" 
I hated it much
Because I may not be certain
When we'll meet again...
When I will see you again...

Yeah, you are right
Being apart for a couple of months
Take us some of the risks
But I know pretty well
That what might happen next
Is far beyond our control...

So we will hope for the best
And prepare for the worst,
The future is not our hold.
But we must keep each other
In our daily prayer
And may our sweet memories
Strengthen our love... 
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